Important Clarification: Locations and Contacts for West Harris County MUD No. 10

To our valued residents,

We’ve recently observed a surge in emails concerning water pressure issues directed to Northwest Harris County MUD No. 10. We’d like to provide some clarity to ensure everyone is reaching out to the correct district for assistance.

Northwest Harris County MUD No. 10 is situated near Highway 290 and Barker Cypress in Cypress, Texas. If you reside in this vicinity, you are indeed within our jurisdiction.

However, if your address falls within West Harris County MUD No. 10, specifically around the Memorial Chase area by Highway 249, please note that you should be reaching out to Si Environmental, the operator for WHCMUD No. 10. They can be contacted at 281-807-9500 for any water-related concerns.

We understand the potential for confusion given the similarity in names, but we urge residents to check their district and direct their concerns to the appropriate authority. This ensures quicker resolutions and fewer delays.

Thank you for your understanding, and please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further clarification.